Metal Slug 2 (1998)

A proper sequel or follow-up game should improve upon the original, but at the same time maintain the aspects which made the original successful. Metal Slug 2 does a great job at keeping all of the great aspects of Metal Slug, but adding a few things here and there to improve the experience. Metal Slug 2 plays exactly the same as the original, fast-paced run-and-gun action. There is a new weapon, some new enemy types, new vehicles, and more varied and environments, all of which make this sequel distinct from the original.


The other distinction from the original is the humor and absurdity that was added. Outlandish enemies like aliens and mummies certainly add a unique feeling to Metal Slug 2. The original was a much more traditional war title, but I appreciate the goofiness of Metal Slug 2. Humorous moments like a killer whale leaping out of the water and swallowing enemies whole make Metal Slug 2 more memorable than the first.


Overall, Metal Slug 2 is more varied and unique than the original, but at the same time the game plays the same. It is still tough to minimize your deaths, but deaths are not punished so you can limp your way through the game even if you are struggling. I am not a huge fan of the forgiving nature of the game, but if you really want a challenge you can still just play the game and try to die as few times as possible. I quite like the absurdity of Metal Slug 2, and I think that it was an improvement on the original game’s ordinary war scenario.  All in all, Metal Slug 2 is a quick and fun game to play that keeps in the chaotic spirit of the original. If you have an hour to kill and you want some old-school run-and-gun action, definitely check out Metal Slug 2.

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